Angus is a Scottish bull in Ferdinand.

He is voiced by David Tennant.


As Angus' hair constantly covers his face, the animators communicated his emotions through "wider shots so [they] could show Angus' whole body posture" when storyboarding. [1]


Early Life

Angus was originally born in Scotland but somehow this bull winds up at Casa del Toro in Spain.

Physical Appearance

Angus Render

Angus’ whole body

Angus is a relatively large bull with brown fur and lighter shaggy hair that drapes over his eyes. He has a beige snout with two crooked buck teeth from his upper jaw sticking out prominently from his mouth. His lower jaw and chin area is rather large, as compared to other bulls in the film.





Angus takes an immediate dislike to Ferdinand when meeting him for the first time despite not being able to see him very well due to his long, thick locks covering his eyes most of the time. The next day, after Ferdinand causes an embarrassment during a trial for El Primero, Angus gets angry at him; stating he is the "worst fighting bull he has ever partially seen" even when Valiente reveals to him that Ferdinand isn't a real fighter and that despite his growth spurt, he is still the "same, scared, little coward he always was." Angus shows more confusion when Ferdinand states that he is NOT a fighter who wants to fight for "glory in the ring."

The next day, after failing to hit a barrel constantly and being pushed aside by Ferdinand to avoid hitting a Bunny, Angus reveals his "terrible secret" about not seeing very well and worries that once Moreno, his men, and El Primero find out about his terrible sight, he will be sent to the chop house same as Guapo while panicking. Luckily, Ferdinand licks Angus' locks up like a dog, which finally gives him the chance to see things very well for the first time and finally hit the barrel; much to his joy. Thus, earning Ferdinand his respect and gratitude despite the confusion of his noble act. Later, Angus displays more care and loyalty to Ferdinand when he decides to join in the dance fight against the horses after stating that "three against one is hardly fair" and asking Lupe to "get his pipes" (bagpipes).


  • The Angus is a type of Scottish cattle.
  • In real life, Scottish cattle have extremely long horns, unlike Angus.
  • At one point in the film, Angus states, "I'm a bull, not a doctor." This is a likely nod to David Tennant's role as the 10th Doctor in the long running BBC series Doctor Who (2005). This is also a nod to Star Trek (1966) as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, when doing something out of his expertise, made references such as: "I'm a doctor, not a mechanic."


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