Bones is a bull in Ferdinand.

Bones is voiced by Anthony Anderson.


Anderson's "comedy and facial expressions" inspired Bones' poses and attitude. During the concept art process, they experimented with different hairstyle designs for Bones.[1]

Physical Appearance

Bones Render

Bones’ whole body

A scrawny bull with a large head, Bones does not fit into the stereotype one would expect of a fighting bull. He has orangey brown fur as his main coat and around his large blue eyes, with a yellowish beige belly and head. His snout, however, is pinkish beige. Bones sports rather large but crooked teeth, as well as a clipped right ear and long hair on the top of his head that flops forward slightly.


Bones is confident and a little annoyed, because his whole life Valiente scoffed at his height and his physical appearance.

He is also very competitive when he entered the dance battle with the horses.

He's really worried about Guapo about his way of getting too nervous not to be sent to the chophouse and when he goes, he cries because they were very close friends since calves, although he denied it was allergy.


The average bull can run up to 35mph but Bones can move even faster than that.



As calves, Bones would often call Ferdinand "Weirdo" due to his pacifism despite one time when Ferdinand kindly tried helping him up after being rammed and pushed away by a bullying Valiente. When they grew up, Bones was so impressed by Ferdinand's growth spurt that suddenly he regretted every time he called him "Weirdo." Nevertheless, Bones was still shown to dislike him and get angry especially after making everyone look bad at the trial for El Primero when all he did was just try to help Guapo after suffering a breakdown because of Valiente. One night, when Ferdinand hears and sees him crying, Bones cries for the loss of his friend, Guapo after having been sent to the chophouse despite denying his crying to be due to allergies and that Guapo was more of his competition than his friend. When Ferdinand promises Bones to keep this a secret, Bones begins to respect him; telling him that "he's alright" but points out that if he doesn’t want to end up like Guapo, he will have to start training seriously; admitting this is the one thing Valiente is right about.


Bones is shown to be on friendly terms with Guapo most of the time since they were calves; especially when Valiente makes him nervous. After Guapo gets sent to the chophouse after breaking down during the trial for El Primero because of Valiente, Bones cries for the loss of his friend despite denying his crying to be due to allergies and that Guapo was more of his competition than his friend when Ferdinand hears and sees him crying. But the next night, after Ferdinand reveals the truth to them about their fates and after saving both Guapo and Valiente from the chophouse, Bones and Angus joyfully welcome Guapo back as they are happy to find him still alive and well more than they do with Valiente; an act which the latter takes no offense to as he admits he deserves such treatment for his past behavior and attitude towards them.


  • Bones gets his name from how skinny he is, suggesting this is a nickname that stuck for many years.


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