Dos is a hedgehog in Ferdinand and is the brother of Una and Cuatro.

He is voiced by Daveed Diggs.


During animation for the hedgehogs, it was tricky to maintain the silhouette of the quills, especially when they cover their faces when they roll around. [1]


Tres' Passing

Before the events of the film, Dos had another brother who passed away due to unknown reasons. Ever since, Dos and his remaining siblings refuse to speak of him.

Physical Appearance

Dos Render

Dos’ whole body

Dos is a rather scrawny rodent, on complete polarizing ends against his brother, Cuatro, in terms of appearance. This purple hedgehog sports darker locks of hair that drape over the right side of his face. He has purple eyes surrounded by even darker rings, a rather unique trait among the characters in the film. The most prominent feature of his is arguably his long but crooked snout and nose, which sport prominent buck teeth on both jaws beneath them.


Dos can be described as having attitude and being confident.


  • The word dos means two in Spanish. His siblings' names are also Spanish numbers, Cuatro means four, Tres means three and uno means one, which is close to the name Una.
  • His name may also imply that he is the second born of his siblings and the middle child, along with Tres.
  • He bears resemblance to a stereotypical emo, with his bangs and circles around his eyes.


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  1. The challenging part was maintaining the silhouette, especially in shots where quills cover their faces when they're rolling around. I loved working with Una's hair flip and in general all the differences in hair across the hedgehogs! 1️⃣, 2️⃣, 4️⃣ #AskAnArtist. (November 21, 2017). Twitter.

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