Maquina is a cloned belted Galloway bull in Ferdinand.

He is voiced by Tim Nordquist.


Maquina's "mechanical movements" added humor to the film, but made him a challenging character to animate.[1]

Physical Appearance

Maquina Render

Maquina’s whole body

Maquina is a stocky bull with a perpetually stoic and unexpressive face, aside from the occasional frown or brow raise. His hair is jet black and trimmed like a bowl cut. The top of his head is evidently quite flat, making him appear like Frankenstein's monster. He has deep set olive eyes and a large lower jaw. In addition, his fur is black but from his torso has a thick strip of white. Much like Valiente, his horns are very wide.


A bull with the mind of a super computer: Maquina has a sort of robotic personality. He is often seen wearing a stern, emotionless expression and rarely smiles. He doesn't speak much aside from some grunts and growls. However, Maquina is capable of feeling emotions like joy when he and the other bulls won the dance off against the horses or fear when Ferdinand explained to the other bulls that the matador never loses. Like Ferdinand, Maquina is sometimes shown to be soft on the inside when smiling joyously at the Bunny after reviving him with electroshock therapy and allowing him to perch on top of his head or back the rest of the way.



Maquina and Bunny have, presumably, a very close relationship as the latter often perches on top of the bull's head or back especially after how he revived the latter with electroshock therapy while escaping Casa del Toro and smiled at him the first time.


Maquina physically doesn’t feel pain, as shown when he grabbed the electro cage wire in his mouth and broke them off the fence while he clearly had hundreds (maybe thousands) of volts flowing through him, and then ate them like noodles.


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  • Maquina means "machine" in Spanish, a jab to his stoic and almost mechanical expressions and movements in the film.
    • There is also the Greek god of the machine Deus Ex Machina. This also makes sense given the fact that Maquina behaves like a machine.
  • Unlike the other bulls, Maquina is the only bull with an ear notched on the left rather than the right.
  • Tim Nordquist, who voiced Maquina, also provided additional voices and was also the co-editor of Ferdinand.
  • Maquina’s ears are the only parts on his body that are not symmetrical.


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