Nina is a girl and a character in Ferdinand, Juan's daughter, and is the original owner of Ferdinand and Paco.


Early Life

Nina and Ferdinand Height

Nina marking out Ferdinand's height.

As a child, Nina lived with her father, Juan, and their dog, Paco on their farm. One rainy night, her father and Paco found a lost calf and took him in on their farm. Nina loved, cared for, and named him Ferdinand. Later, Nina and Ferdinand had formed quite a close-knitted bond, often hanging out together. They often compare each other's height by marking them out on a wall. By the time Nina is ten, Ferdinand has matured. Nina, with the help of her father and a stool, still constantly attempts to measure Ferdinand's height. In addition, the family, including Paco, often enjoy watching television late at night.

Physical Appearance

Nina Render

Nina’s whole body

Nina has jet black hair slightly longer than shoulder-length that is tied into a loose low ponytail, held up by a yellow hairband. She has a round face with a point face with a light dusting of blush on her cheeks. Donning a light blue spaghetti strap with Daisy flower prints, Nina is a slender girl. She sometimes wears a casual light blue tee-shirt with darker sleeves and knee-length navy blue pants.

When she was younger, she had her shorter hair tied into two small, neat buns with pink beaded hair bands. She was clad in a white T-shirt with blue sleeve and neck-lines, along with knee-length overalls and purple boots.




Who's my good boy?
  —Nina to Ferdinand [src]  

Raised alongside Ferdinand, Nina inevitably has a close bond with him. Ever since she was a child, they had been spending plenty of time together. This includes watching television, riding through sunflower fields, comparing their height, and feeding each other. Their closeness prevailed even after Ferdinand matured.

Their bond is often exhibited via physical closeness and sentiments for each other. They are virtually inseparable in their childhood and when Ferdinand was captured, both of them yelled out for each other. Nina and Ferdinand both faced sleepless nights thinking about each other, the former staring at The Cork Tree where they used to hang out. Ferdinand, overcome with longingness, decided that Nina "needs [him]" and escaped to see her. They later reunited and greeted each other with a tight embrace. In various promotional material, Nina is seen pressing her head against Ferdinand's with her eyes closed, with her hands on his chin. This showcases their tight bond and trust of each other.


  • Nina, or Niña means girl in Spanish.


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